How might we set the table for investigating, discovering, and researching how culture informs the way we eat and how the way we eat informs culture.


We all eat, we have no choice. Though we all eat, many of us don’t have access to food, nor its nutritional value. Yet we do have control over how we consume.
We are accustomed to the patterns, the habits, and the choices we make around the food available to us. But if we take a closer look, could we gain a better grasp of ourselves and our surroundings through the study of these habits? Could how we eat help us understand why we eat?

Through artistic, ethnographic, and experiential research, Como Como is exploring how and why we eat as we do and the underlying influence these choices have on our collective identities, as well as the gaps and opportunities to shift communities’ access to food.

Como Como is a partnership between Openbox and Nicole Vindel Studio